About Us

                    Hello. We are the Frank's. We met in 2004, in a backroom at Target; we both worked there unloading freight trucks. We became friends, and got married in October 2006. For as long as I have known Jonathan, he has always been working for a construction company.  In 2010, we started our own business, JP Frank Construction. We built decks, shingled roofs, put up siding, and painted houses. This was good, until our fourth child was born and a job offer with some security and benefits came along. We took it. Jonathan started working for First District Association in Litchfield. We moved from Sauk Rapids to Dassel, MN.  

                      You can take a man out of construction, but you can't take the construction out of the man! Jonathan continued to do side projects whenever he could. We began saving and designing a home of our own. 

In 2016, we were able to make one of our dreams a reality, we built our home in Darwin, MN.

 The journey to get here was filled with sacrifices and doubters. There was long hours, sore muscles, sweat, tears, and even the occasional curse word. But persevering through all the obstacles we have gained knowledge and skill to help others.

We are a husband and wife team that uses practical, common sense approaches, with each project.

This is Us.